Sunday, October 10, 2010

Linux Tips

I've been doing a lot of research on USB input devices and have found a lot of resources.  One fellow has a page with a lot of common complaints I've had happen to me over the course of years using Unix and Linux.

Ever cat a binary file and have a strange font confront you.  He's got observations and solutions for a lot of such problems.   BTW the answer to the strange font is that a 0x16 character (Shift Out) was sent to your terminal emulator.  Solution is to blind type an echo command of 0x17 (Shift In) to cancel it.

here are some links into useful sites:

This is a very useful page on find.  Useful for locating and reassigning owner to files.
here are some examples
find /usr/local/fonts -user warwick [RET]
To find all files in the `~/html/' directory tree with an
`.html' extension, and output lines from these files that contain
the string `organic', type:

 find ~/html/ -name '*.html' -exec grep organic '{}' ';' [RET]
NFS information
Play dvd's
Add Raid0 mirroring to single disk system (no reboot) 
Misc links 
Debug Bash scripts 
Debug Make files 
Admin tips

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