Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Linux Backup search

this is just a collection of backup solutions for linux.  I'll update it as they are investigated.

rsync (of any kind)
example for dry run on local nas:

rsync -avn -e /export/nas-10-11-d5 /export/nas-01-7B-75

rsync wrapper 

  • two directories
    rsync -zvr /var/opt/installation/inventory/ /root/temp
  • Preserve timestamps during Sync using rsync -a
    rsync -azv /var/opt/installation/inventory/ /root/temp/
  • Synchronize Only One File
    rsync -v /var/lib/rpm/Pubkeys /root/temp/
  • Synchronize Files From Local to Remote
    rsync -avz /root/temp/ thegeekstuff@
  • Synchronize Files From Remote to Local
    rsync -avz thegeekstuff@ /root/temp
  • Remote shell for Synchronization
    rsync -avz -e ssh thegeekstuff@ /root/temp
  • Do Not Overwrite the Modified Files at the Destination
    rsync -avzu thegeekstuff@ /root/temp
  • Synchronize only the Directory Tree Structure (not the files)
    rsync -v -d thegeekstuff@ .
  • View the rsync Progress during Transfer
    rsync -avz --progress thegeekstuff@ /root/temp/
  • Delete the Files Created at the Target
    rsync -avz --delete thegeekstuff@ .

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