Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Google command line tricks for access to google apps

A quick way to upload a lot of photos to Picassaweb is to use the google command line tool.  It is a python tool, so should be usable in both Windows and in Linux.

I have used it to upload a lot of photos to my picassa page  <didnt work will have to see why 

Here is the link to the google blog on the subject:

this is an example of the use of the command after the google python bit is loaded.

google picasa create --title "My album" ~/Photos/vacation/*.jpg

Much less painful than the google picassa web interface.  Unfortunately, the picassa application seems to take off and try to find all of your pictures when you start it, and that is in the many GB and several hundred thousands of photos.

installing googlecl load

also to get this to work gdata is required as well as

of course python 2.5 or later is required to get the xml parser and the basic language support.

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