Friday, March 27, 2015

Lamp server install link

Here is a nice LAMP server setup page.

Using and posting this from a 2" x 2" x 2" quad core cubox debian system.

Will copy edit inline later on update.

use sudo apt-get -y install apache2 mysql-server mysql-client php5-cli phpmyadmin 
to get that running

Install mysql
Install apache2 (if not by default)
install php

if php is installed prior to apache you may need to install

libapache2-mod-php7.0 (or whatever php if earlier or later install)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Show installed packages and other queries on Ubuntu / Debian

To get a list of packages installed locally do this in your terminal:
dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall
To save that list to a text file called packages on your desktop do this in your terminal:
dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall > ~/Desktop/packages

if you wish to install apt or aptitude the following will work.  This is a package other than what contains apt-get

apt list installed

Nice NFS setup page

NFS server

To check the NFS server is not installed, you can do...
  • $ dpkg -l | grep nfs-kernel-server
Install the required packages...

# apt-get install nfs-kernel-server

NFSv4 client

Install the required packages...
  • # apt-get install nfs-common 
On the client we can mount the complete export tree with one command:
  • # mount -t nfs -o proto=tcp,port=2049 nfs-server:/ /mnt
    Note that nfs-server:/export is not necessary in NFSv4, as it is in NFSv3. The root export :/ defaults to export with fsid=0.
We can also mount an exported subtree with:
  • # mount -t nfs -o proto=tcp,port=2049 nfs-server:/users /home/users
To save us from retyping this after every reboot we add the following line to /etc/fstab:

nfs-server:/   /mnt   nfs    auto  0  0
It may be required to force rpcbind to start.
this is accomplished by:
update-rc.d enable rpcbind
/etc/init.d/rpdbind start
The latter starts it for the current boot incarnation.  The update-rc.d makes it be
started on all subsequent boots till it is explicitly disabled.

Friday, March 6, 2015

XFCE window manager tab setting switch window key

XFCE on cubox comes with a setting such that the tab character switches windows, rather than auto completing.

info on this page:


Without changing any settings, use control-i to autocomplete.

Try using Ctrl-I instead of tab

For changing the setting in the XFCE xml config:


find the line 

<property name="&lt;Super&gt;Tab" type="string" value="switch_window_key"/>

and change it to 

<property name="&lt;Super&gt;Tab" type="empty"/>

reboot or whatever and then tab will work properly!

I have no idea why but when using vnc this file seems to override tab's normal behavior and makes it into a switch window key.

On Ubuntu 14.04, the xfce4 somehow resets the xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml file each time you log in, so one needs a method to change the default

the Window manager keyboard shortcuts don't include a setting for the tab-complete Super tab, so it must be edited somewhere else.

Explanation of how to find and change what settings are in the Window Manager->Keyboard tab is here

Found explanation:
change "Switch window for same application" to clear from "alt tab"


Building packages on debian jesse arm


Monday, March 2, 2015

Nethogs Linux per process bandwidth tool

link to page

sudo apt-get install nethogs

example incantations:

nethogs eth1
nethogs [option] eth0 eth1
nethogs [option] eth0 eth1 ppp0
sudo /usr/sbin/nethogs eth0

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Handy network connections trick

alias mynetcon='sudo lsof -n -P -i +c 15'


sshd              654     root    3u  IPv6     8214      0t0  TCP *:22 (LISTEN)
sshd              654     root    4u  IPv4     8216      0t0  TCP *:22 (LISTEN)
avahi-daemon      807    avahi   13u  IPv4     7999      0t0  UDP *:5353
avahi-daemon      807    avahi   14u  IPv6     8000      0t0  UDP *:5353
avahi-daemon      807    avahi   15u  IPv4     8001      0t0  UDP *:55143
avahi-daemon      807    avahi   16u  IPv6     8002      0t0  UDP *:56264