Thursday, August 8, 2019

Microsoft Mouse setting in Windows 10, plus Dell (or other) mouse driver controls

Windows 10 update to 1903 Build 18362.267 (or so) lost the setting to disable the touch pad when a mouse is plugged in.

I don't know why this isn't front and center in the  main Windows settings, but it isn't. 

If a touch pad is active, finger gestures above it will cause unwanted selections at times, and motion of the cursor.  If one turns off the pad completely, one would have to use keyboard actions to navigate back to the mouse / pad enable / disable when a mouse is unplugged.

The dell dialog has a setting to allow disabling the pad when a mouse is plugged in, and that is very desirable to have, as one only need to pull the mouse, or more important if you don't have the mouse, but a wireless mouse dongle is plugged in, you just pull it and have the pad working.

So making that setting persist is important.  Win10 upgrade didn't do that.

Recording how to get back to it in the current release.

Navigate to the Mouse settings.  (hit windows button, type mouse settings)

Select Additional Mouse options in the above.  This pops up.

select "click to change Dell Touchscreen settings":