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running multiple instances of Yawcam


running multiple instances of Yawcam

 by malun » Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:17 am
Yes, you are right, didn't think of that. Yawcam uses the settings located in the home directory for the user running Yawcam. There is however a workaround...

1) Install the first yawcam instance as usual and run it like usual.
2) Make a copy of the yawcam program directory (typically: C:\Program Files\Yawcam) and name the copy Yawcam2. You will now have two program directories for Yawcam:
C:\Program Files\Yawcam
C:\Program Files\Yawcam2
3) Create a new directory c:\yawcamsettings
4) Create a new directory c:\yawcamsettings\yawcam2

Now it's time to edit two files in here:
C:\Program Files\Yawcam2
If you are using windows xp or 2000 you can edit the files with notepad as usual, so jump to step 8 below.
If you are using windows vista or 7 you have to run the editor as an administrator, so continue at step 5.

5) Click on the windows start button and type "notepad" in the search field.
6) In the result list, right click on Notepad and choose "Run as administrator"
7) Now open the file in Notepad by clicking "File -> Open..." and browse to the file.

8) Edit the file C:\Program Files\Yawcam2\service_profile.cfg to contain one line like this:
9) Edit the file C:\Program Files\Yawcam2\launcher.cfg
Add the word service on the last line. If it's correct the last line will end with: yawcam.Main service

10) Start the second instance of Yawcam by running:
C:\Program Files\Yawcam2\Yawcam.exe
This version will now use settings located here:
Browse to this path and see that the .yawcam directry has been created.
11) You now want to create a text file disablerunningcheck.txt here:
to get rid of the question when starting the second instance of Yawcam.

I hope the explanation was clear enough...


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