Friday, November 15, 2013

raspberry pi jtag

This example is for using an raspberry pi as a run control, not for using jtag ON the raspberry pi.  An example below is for debugging arm devices.

TJTAG part copied here for reference.

UPDATE: TJTAG with RPi support is now available and it’s preferred to this version.
The updated README should have all the information you need to build this on Pi and let it help save your day. But if you’re lazy like me, here’s a quick guide:
  1. Connect the boards as per the wiring diagram above.
  2. Power up your router.
  3. On your Pi:
    $ cd ~
    $ git clone
    $ cd hairydairymaid-wrt54g-pi
    $ CFLAGS='-D RASPPI' make
    $ ./wrt54g -probeonly
    If it gets stuck, try adding /noemw option.
There are many guides elsewhere describing how to use this tool to restore your router to an operational state. For more just google for it. There is a document that comes with this program as well (not written by me)—be sure to read it before doing anything.

Lauterbach spec for arm jtag interface.

Here is a link to an example ARM debug port spec. 

More examples (not for this rpi example, but for standalone jtag)

For JTAG dongle look simple Wiggler:

and free OCD Commander (Windows and Linux)
Free GNU Toolkits for OCDemonTM BDM/JTAG Devices


Embest Online Flash Programmer 2190K

Embest Online Flash Programmer user guide 430K

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