Thursday, June 27, 2013

procmail notes

debugging procmail

This applies to a linux virtual machine with imap server, squirrelmail (web access), procmail and fetchmail, with sendmail as well.  It is capable of receiving, but is not used for sending email.

Procmail is used for each of the fetchmail entities that run on my imap server.

fetchmail entities are created in the /etc/fetchmailrc which poll outside mail sources.  I have ones for each of several email entities which fetch the mail.  Google so far has free pop3, and so that + my main email are polled and sorted by procmail.

poll pop3 user me password 'password' is some-id here

some-id would be a user id on the system with a full /home/some-id structure, etc.

Fetchmail can scan for various patterns, sender id's etc., in the email headers and sort all the mailing lists into separate folders for archival or reading.

One can log into webserver squirrelmail and get to the lists anywhere, though squirrelmail has a very limited size of mailbox it can deal with, since it runs all in javascript in the browser.  Maybe later versions will be implemented with node.js and run on the server side w/o size restrictions.

create a rule to forward email for one list to another server.

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