Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to get rid of the new cinema / tab page in browsers

If you use VNC sessions, you know no graphics and solid colors are your friend.  The background on your desktop is another topic, but Firefox about version 12 or so suddenly changed to have an array of past web page thumbs to start up.  No warning or "oh shit how to make this go away," the usual.

The connection I use is varying in performance, and today slow enough to fix this.  The other browsers, chrome and safari that I use I will have to look up when they annoy me enough.

Starting with Firefox:

use about:config as a url to bring up configuration.  You will be challenged that you know what you are doing.  of course you don't, but answer yes anyway.

You want to change the assignment of


from about:tabs to about:blank

this disposes of Firefox.

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