Sunday, May 5, 2013

possible Rave sighting in the wild (Air Berlin, ORD-DUS flight)

Jon Sisk posted a photo of the IFE boxes at his seat on an Air Berlin flight today.

Here is a graphic from the Rave page @ IMS's web site
here is a flyer to download

I worked on code is in the System Control Unit on the second page. If one turned the reading light  Rave, it went thru code in the SCU.  The summonsing of the flight attendant,. the muting from the cabin audio came thru the inputs (ARINC-429) and outputs thru the SCU.

The SCU has a Core based SBC with a piggyback 800mhz Freescale ARM system, both running Linux.

Also all media load went from the SCU to the seats.  Software loads were via either the Crew Panel unit, or thru the SCU.

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