Monday, November 1, 2010

Virtual X Session

Virtual X Session

A Virtual X session is a nice thing.  Normally Ctl Alt F7 gets you to the X session if you have booted on linux to run level 6.  Some systems no longer require init runlevel 6 to get to an X session, and the keyboard salute to get you to the session may not be on F7

This allows the creation of a totally separate X session started from a virtual console (doesn't matter which one) which will show up on the virtual console selection 1+ the runlevel 6 one.

here is one discussion.

The simple part of this is that you start X on another Frame Buffer (FB) on your system, which can be swapped to the screen when needed.  Also have to start the whole X pile with Keyboard, Mouse, etc.

Another handy thing to do is to run a windowed Xsession.  Here is a recipe for that.

Nested X session

To run a nested session of another desktop environment:
$ /usr/bin/Xnest :1 -geometry 1024x768+0+0 -ac -name Windowmaker & wmaker -display :1
This will launch a Window Maker session in a 1024 by 768 window within your current X session.
This needs the package xorg-server-xnest to be installed.


Window Manager page:

Page with Window manager, Desktop and X resources:

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