Sunday, November 21, 2010

replication a local repository for Ubuntu

I decided to figure out how to replicate a local install repository for Ubuntu. Since 10.4.1 is working well, I started with it but probably will do 10.10 as well when I figure this out.

Here is a link to how to create a repository locally. It has a good walk through and allows making a setup for hosting individual packages. The other bit is to download all the packages, about 30gb for the entire repository. That is running since this morning at 730 (about 17 hours so far) and reads that the process is 58% complete as of midnight the same day. Total downloaded so far is 18gb.

Here is the howto for the repositories:

Here is how to download the repositories. It includes a discussion of how to break it up and store on DVD as well, but has the recipes for getting it in the first place

Here is a discussion on the ubuntu forums


here is another method to create the repository mirror:
list or repositories:

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