Saturday, July 7, 2018

Orange Pi Zero serial port

Orange Pi Zero ports in the small cube system have a serial port on the power port (micro USB) as well as power.

The only thing I've found so far says that the baud rate is 115200 baud.  On the linux system I hooked it to turned out to connect at 9600 baud.

Otherwise this note on connecting (I'm guessing they didn't use an RPI 3+) to another SOC board is okay.

minicom connects fine.

The other note on the raspian system running on the RPI 3+ is that the device is /dev/ttyAMA0

Also, have not figured out how to get the current raspian to come up on this system w/o a network cable attached.

Wifi is connected manually with the cli interface instructions elsewhere and works once up.  But from a power on, the system is stuck somewhere with no console or other output on the ttyAMA0 port to indicate what is stuck.

and if one lets the orangepizero come to an end (blinking that is on the RJ45 ports, plugging in a live network doesn't get it to continue to successful boot.

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