Saturday, June 23, 2018

Add On Screen Keyboard to Raspberry Pi 7' or other screen

if a touch screen rpi is large enough to use an on screen keyboard, this is how to install and enable it.

The discussion above mentions the matchbox keyboard, and doesn't mention installing it.

As of the April 2018 raspbian, the matchbox keyboard is not included in the installed goods.  And for good reason, since it is only useful for touch screens.  It could be used with a mouse only system, but would of course be a bit painful.

to install it:
sudo apt-get -y install matchbox-keyboard

to execute it:
sudo matchbox-keyboard

To add it to a desktop

create a file on the Desktop called

write in the file

Then open a terminal and
write :
cd Desktop
chmod +x

Now you can double click the file and your keyboard will appear.


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