Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Error 53, or not available error on Windows 10

Microsoft in their infinite wisdom have horribly broken SMB1 functionality on Windows 10.  No simple way to turn it back on, nor any explanation of why it is broken.

When you try to connect to a share via the protocol \\\share you get an error not available, or an error 53.

The page below is an extended explanation of the justification, FWIW.  If there was a comprehensible error or change there would be less sarcasm and criticism here,  but just removing an insecure and broken protocol that they invented which was wrong and not putting in a way to recover when a release upgrade is made is just nuts.

When you upgrade to the 1709 creator release, or so, you will see this happen with your shares that have SMB1 and no SMB2 version support.  FWIW, I believe the latest and approved SMB is 4. 


Knowledge base workaround to re-enable it or get it back


seems to be in the same spot you enable and install the Ubuntu shell support

Windows server

Server Manager - Dashboard method

Windows 8 and 10

Add-Remove Programs client method


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