Friday, March 10, 2017

Notes for running Windows 98 (or older OS's) on Rpi

Snip from a posting about making up a Raspberry Pi running QEMU running Windows 98.  Mainly a QEMU note.

This part needs to be done on a Windows based computer, not the Pi:
I broke out my copy of Windows 98 and followed this chaps guide to get the .img file needed for the emulator, copied it over to my Pi (into ‘/home/pi’ for ease of access).
Now back to the Pi:
Don’t worry about the Youtube video in the post above, that is for an older version of Raspbian, now Jessie has QEMU available and easily obtainable by typing:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install qemu -y
Time to test it. Navigate to ‘/home/pi’ and run:
qemu-system-i386 -localtime -cpu 486 -m 96 -hda win98.img
QEMU should pop up and begin launching Windows 98, when its loaded have a click around and then shut it down as you would a normal 98 machine.
When QEMU has shut off it’s time to apply…


I just installed debian jessie on a desktop PC. Ran the update and upgrade. And then I simply ran the apt-get install for qemu. That allowed me to do the entire win98 install on the desktop PC.

After installing qemu, I used the following command to create the img file:

qemu-img create win98.img 1G

Then I used the following command to install windows from a win98 ISO created from an original install disk.

qemu-system-i386 -localtime -cpu 486 -m 256 -cdrom d win98se.iso -boot d -hda win98.img

Doing that resulted in a quick, clean, problem-free windows 98 install. It bypassed all the Win98 installation problems I was having on the RPI. And this works much better anyway since the desktop is a much faster PC to work with.

After the win98 install, I took the resulting img file and copied it over to the PI. And then I used these instructions to get qemu running on the PI.

After qemu installed, I used the following command to run 98 on the RPI.

qemu -cpu 486 -m 256 -hda win98.img

It's slow, but seems to work great. The only problem I have found is it does not close cleanly. It always hangs on shutdown which means it always does a scandisk when it restarts. If anyone has any ideas how to fix that, I'd love to hear them.

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