Sunday, October 2, 2016

Viewing Foscam FI9803P stream with VLC

Use VLC stream viewing to view cameras:  how to construct URLs

Model FI9803P camera

2.4 Using the VLC player This camera supports RTSP streaming, here you can
view the camera using VLC player.
rtsp:// [user name][:password]@IP: RTSP port number/videosream

The part in the square bracket s may be omitted.  user name & password:
The user name and password to access the camera.
This part can be omitted.
IP: WAN or LAN IP address.
Videostream: Here support some mode .
When the network speed is bad, here you had better select videoSub.
For example: IP:
RTSP Port number : 554
User name : admin
Password : 123
Here I can enter one of the following URLs in the VLC.
1) rtsp://admin: 123 @ 554 /videoMain
2) rtsp:// @ 554 /videoMain
3) rtsp://: 123 @ 554 /videoMain
4) rtsp://admin@ 554 /videoMain

Open the VLC, and go to Media  Open Network Stream option, then enter the
URL into VLC


Create windows shortcut by copying the VLC shortcut, and add it to the "target:" field
of the shortcut

On linux create a shortcut on the desktop by whatever means and add the rstp URL
to the target address as well.


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