Sunday, September 18, 2016

possible workaround to readynas windows 10 share problem. (relevant to developer win 10 installs)

Note on removing credential (If I understand it), as a workaround fix for broken Windows 10 fix. 

Windows 10 upgrades to the developer releases seem to be invalidating stored credentials with each update with some regularity.  if you have a drive share mount with stored credentials, or on another front though not with the readynas nas, stored logins for say remote desktop, you have to reinput them.

That was working up to the latest 9/14 or 9/16 set of updates.  now it seems to retain the credential and not let you easily reinput the login, or share.

And it was not accepting any password on other shares, even valid ones.

A fellow on the Readynas forum (where this became a topic) suggested a workaround worth documenting.

Thanks to Readynas forum user nayadn for this.

nayadn (Aspirant) posted a new reply in R6000 Series AC WiFi Routers on 2016-09-17 07:32 AM :

Re: Can no longer access ReadyShare drives on Windows 10

i googled again the error and i came up with a sideway solution
go into user account in control panel
if you're in windows 10 select manage your credentials this will open 2 options
web credentials and windows credentials
head to windows credentials and add a new windows credential
enter the location of the drive \\readyshare on the first line
your windows user name in the second line
your windows password in the third line
and you're done, you should see the drive under network and be able to access it as before
good luck


  1. worked for me! Thank you very much. So stupid that windows updates breaks things.

  2. didnt work for me. does it make a difference if my password is nothing?