Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Convert cue/bin image sets to ISO

gpl'ed tool, bchunk will convert the set to an iso.  Available under linux or linux compatible binary

bchunk - CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr

       bchunk [-v] [-p] [-r] [-w] [-s] <image.bin> <image.cue> <basename>

       bchunk converts a CD image in a ".bin / .cue" format (sometimes ".raw / .cue") to a set of .iso and .cdr tracks.

       The  bin/cue  format is used by some non-Unix cd-writing software, but is not supported on most other cd-writing pro-

       image.bin is the raw cd image file. image.cue is the track index file containing track types and  offsets.   basename
       is used for the beginning part of the created track files.

       The  produced .iso track contains an ISO file system, which can be mounted through a loop device on Linux systems, or
       written on a CD-R using cdrecord.  The .cdr tracks are in the native CD audio format. They can be either written on a
       CD-R using cdrecord -audio, or converted to WAV (or any other sound format for that matter) using sox.

       It  is  advisable  to  edit  the  .cue  file to either MODE2/2352/2048 or MODE2/2352/2324 depending on whether an ISO
       filesystem or a VCD is desired, respectively.  The format itself does not contain this feature and  in  an  ambiguous
       case it can only guess.


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