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xbee notes

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High power xbee 

Xbee Pro 868

With XBee-PRO 868 you have 40 km within reach

If you´re searching for an RF communication module with a long range, you´re on the right address. More precisely said – 40 km at line-of-sight outdoor, or 550m indoor.
XBee technology enables to transfer data from various sources, mainly in industry – for example data from various sensors, controlling of technology and similar. XBee-PRO 868 from DIGI International (Maxstream) uses SRD G3 868 MHz band (869,525 MHz) and has a software selectable output power in the 1 - 315mW range.

Advantages / Features:

  1. powerful XBee module
  2. simple to use topology
  3. line-of sight range up to 40 km (outdoor) / 550m indoor and in urban conditions
  4. 1 to 315 mW (0 až +25 dBm) output RF power
  5. receiver sensitivity: -112 dBm
  6. 24kbps RF data rate
  7. AES 128 bit data encryption
  8. 16 bit network ID
  9. low power consumption 3,3V/65-500 mA
  10. footprint common with other XBee modules types
Relatively high maximum output power provides to the module a very long range. This enables to use it in applications with long distances between particular points. XBee_PRO can be connected to your application via a standard 3.3V CMOS UART with 1.2 to 230.4 Kbps data rate. Various XBee modules from Digi International feature common footprint, that´s why they´re mutually exchangeable this adaptable to your application requirements. XBee-PRO 868 features 128 bit AES encryption and a 64 bitovou adress (network ID). They are usable for Point-to-Multipoint/Star or also Peer-to-peer topologies. An advantage is also an easy use - no further configuration is necessary. Available are multiple versions, type XBP08-DPSIT-024 has an RPSMA connector. Thanks to it, the module can be connected to various antennas.

Detailed information will provide you the XBP08-DPSIT-024 datasheet, overview of XBee-PRO 868 modules, as well as XBee/RF family comparison from company Digi International. In case of interest, please contact us at

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