Monday, January 27, 2014

Fun with Arduino Mega ADK board

First blush experience with the Arduino supplied IDE is pretty nice.  The Sketch was installed and worked with my laptop w/o any guessing.

The only thing to configure is the serial port, and on my Windows XP laptop which I use for such experiments has only the Arduino on it for this test, and it worked.

On the Mac Mavericks I have on loan, it took a bit of guesswork since there were 8 ports enumerated from the /dev directory.  As it turned out it wasn't hard to find, and a youtube video below shows a modifed demo, blink running.

First mission will be to get the PDP11 running and see how it works, and if it works.

A youtube upload / posting will have some of the details here.  More setup updates here for Sketch.

The intent is to use cross platform gcc directly next, which will be a different note.





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