Saturday, January 26, 2013

eliminate serial mouse detection in windows if using serial dongle in debugging


NOTE:  If you boot Windows with your ThunderBolt connected to the Com
port, Windows will think it is a serial mouse and grab the port.  It
can lead to some interesting Windows behavior as the T-Bolt outputs

Easy fix. Add the following to your "Boot.ini" file. Obviously, the "x" stands for the COM port you are using.


(end quotes)

I'm not sure who typed the above text, the quote style was hard to
understand... Might've been some combination of Joe Gray, John Lofgren,
and/or someone who signs as mike?

Anyway... Here's my $0.02:

Windows Vista / 7 doesn't use


... do this instead:

Click on start --> In the search box, type in regedit
Registry editor windows opens... Navigate to the location:
--> CurrentControlSet
--> Services
--> sermouse
In the right hand, you'll see stuff like:

etc. etc. etc.

There should be a "dword (32bit) value" titled:


Set the value of this to: 00000004

If you do not see "start" use the following steps:

Right click on the (white) blank space
(below the default, displayname, etc.)

After right click to get context menu, click "New"
... a sub-menu will expand:
Select the option for:
"dword 32-bit value"

Now, give this value the name "start"

Right click to select "modify"

It should have the value: 00000004

Restart the computer

You're done 

The mouse will no longer freak out, and your GPS (timing mode, TSIP,
NMEA, or otherwise) or other RS-232 device will now work normally and
not be detected as mouse, make cursor jump strangely, etc.

Hope someone finds this useful,

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