Wednesday, November 16, 2011

svn password snafu workaround

sometimes svn will emit the following message when trying to do a write:

svn gnome keyring is locked and we are non-interactive

the workaround is to change the default config to use local svn if you are not using svn+ssh to access the svn database.

this is done by altering the default client config file in the ~/.subversion directory.

Change to add the line in the auth stanza:

to get it to use the "old" way.  The current config which is shown in the config file is password-stores=gnome-keyring,kwallet.  This is actually compiled in and is the default behavior.

There is apparently no path to actually "unlock" the gnome keyring for subversion if it has not been unlocked and that credential set, so it will emit the error message forever and is a bug.  This is just a document of the workaround.

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