Thursday, October 6, 2011

postscript, pdf tools command line linux


Central to all PostScript and PDF manipulations is the program GhostScript. This interprets files in any of these formats, and it can then output the document or image after applying various operations: rotation, scaling, cropping, and rasterization. GhostScript is rather user-hostile. Fortunately there are various less hostile wrapper programs, which shield users from GhostScript. The most important one is
gv            displays ps, eps or pdf files
display       displays, manipulates and converts image files
Gnome and KDE have their own variants of gv.
Other utilities, specific to .ps and .eps, are:
psbook        rearrange pages in PostScript file into signatures
psselect      selects pages from a PostScript file
pstops        Ghostscript's PostScript distiller for PS and EPS
epsffit       fit encapsulated PostScript file (EPSF) into constrained size
ps2epsi       embeds a thumbnail image within a PS or EPS file
psnup         multiple pages per sheet
psresize      multiple pages per sheet
psmerge       filter to merge several PostScript files into one
ps2ps         optimizer for PS files
eps2eps       optimizer for EPS files
ps2ascii      extract text from PS file
ps2pdf        translator from PS to PDF
fig2ps        translator from FIG, via Latex, to PS/EPS
Utilities specific to .pdf are:
pdf2ps        translator from PDF to PS
pdfimages     extracts images from PDF documents
pdftotext     extracts text from PDF documents
pdftops       converts PDF to PS
pdftopbm      converts each page to a PBM image
pdftoppm      converts each page to a PPM image
pdfcrop       reduces/increases margins

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